"Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has triumphed." - Rev.5:5b

The Lion Triumphs Ministries

If you are a survivor of ritualistic abuse, have been in the occult and have gotten out, or are currently in the occult and want help getting out, we can help you.

We have helped thousands of luciferians get out of the occult and have ministered to hundreds of SRA survivors.

We specialize in helping people who belong to the following categories:
* Helping SRA survivors deprogram, escape,and get deliverance and inner healing for their alters;

* Human trafficking survivors

* Free-Masons and Eastern Stars

* Voodoo and Dark Magick Practicers

* Luciferians

* Illuminati/Collective members

* NeoNazi members

* Politicians and celebrities entrenched in the occult (either from abuse or willingly)

* MK Ultra/Monarch/Russian Doll programming

* Shapeshifters, KLFers, Great Danes, and Vampiric bloodlines

Please reach out to us on using this contact form: