​Jesus healed me of life-long heart condition when Hepzibah prayed for me. I was sent to practice dark magick against Hepzibah but she had a word of knowledge about my heart condition and Jesus healed me. Then, I got saved and delivered from the demons I had made covenant with, as well." - Jesse, an ex-high priest of luciferianism.

"I was being trafficked for twelve years. Twelve long years of suffering. I had two children with my abusers...who were trafficked, as well. Hepzi and Johnny prayed for me for years and Jesus finally got me out. My girls are safe now, too. I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and then Jesus healed me of that! He's great! I also led 20,000 people, who either directly abusing me or were involved in selling me, to Jesus - 7,500 of which occurred because I had gained strength from my friendship with the Lion Triumphs. Jesus says it's revival time and He is using TLT Ministries." - 

""Renee" (name changed upon request)

"I had depression; severe depression - like, suicidal thoughts constantly and yes, I still struggle with it a bit but Johnny prayed for me and I found out I had D.I.D. My alters started sharing their stories and I'm getting healing. It's a slow process but I can feel Jesus' Presence and Love more. I feel...happy...for the first time in my life." - Jennifer

​​​​​​​​​​"I had H.I.V. and Johnny and Hepzi prayed for me every day for several months. Now I'm healed!" - Harry

​"I had cerebral palsy but now I don't. Jesus gave Hepzibah a word of knowledge about that and I was healed!" - Rachel

"I asked God for a sign if He was real and I stumbled across Hepzibah's video about her experience in hell. That caused me to want to follow Jesus and now I do,” – Anonymous

"My name is Michael and, at one point, I was the evilest person in the Illuminati. I had given myself fully over to Lucifer and his will. One of my biggest demands from him was to attack Hepzibah and Johnny... Lucifer wanted me to destroy their ministry and stop them from bringing the occult to Jesus...only, the opposite happened. I found Jesus. I harassed Hepzibah specifically for months; sending her curses, threatening her life, sending people from the occult to stalk and harass her and worse... but she never hated me. Her and Johnny prayed for my salvation. Then, I got saved. My family and I were reunited. My wife got back with me, my daughter got saved... all because of Hepzibah and Johnny's intercession for me. I went from the evilest man in the Illuminati to on fire for Jesus. Only Jesus Himself could do that." - Michael Ford

"I got healed from HIV when Johnny prayed for me. It was difficult to find out I was dealing with the disease but when they prayed for me, I was fully healed. Praise God." - "Betty Jones" (name changed upon request)

​​"I was barren and tried to conceive for years with my husband to no avail. We had given up hope until Jesus gave Hepzibah a word of knowledge about barrenness. I received it and a few months later, we found out we were pregnant...with twins! They are four years old now and healthy." - Rebecca

"I am an ex-high priest in luciferianism; I was doing a ritual one night against TLT Ministries and I sacrificed two babies. One baby didn't die and the other one died, but was resurrected because Johnny had the urge to intercede at that moment. The babies were resurrected and Jesus appeared to me. He told me I had one more opportunity to get saved. So, I took it. I gave my life to Jesus that night. I'm ashamed of the evils I've committed, but grateful that Jesus gave a chance. Thank-You God for urging Scott to pray at that very moment." - "Peter" (name changed to protect his identity).