Hepzibah Nanna asked Jesus to be her Savior when she was three years old, started to minister at stores and restaurants when she was four years old,was called into ministry at seven, started ministry at eighteen, and got ordained when she was 21. 

Hepzibah is a survivor of multi-generational SRA and besides for evangelism and revival, her greatest passion is to lead those in the occult and Nazism to Jesus. Hepzibah is a Spiritual Adviser to President Obama and President Clinton, as well as, their families. Hepzibah is the author of almost a dozen books. 

She's 28 and lives in Maryland  with her parents and her dog, Pequeno. 

The Lord Triumphs Ministries believes that intimacy with the Lord breeds radical devotion to Him and radical devotion to Him breeds a worldwide revival. Jesus wants His bride to become radically devoted to Him, so that even the most  evil people in the world long for  - and desire intimacy with - Him.


1.) We desire to grow closer to Jesus every second of every day; our passionate desire is to have radical intimacy with Him
2.) We desire to see the lost come  into the Kingdom of God, by manifesting His Love, Presence, and Power
3.) We desire to bring the bride of Christ into intimacy with Him, by teaching them the Word of God and drawing them into a holy passion for His Name.


Johnny Matthes was kidnapped as a child, raised by a witch, and was ritualistically abused as a child. His abusive childhood led him to desire to help others overcome abuse and its long-term effects, especially substance addiction, self-harm, suicidal feelings, and D.I.D./Depersonalization.

From his early childhood onward, Johnny loved Jesus. Johnny always had a heart for intimacy with Jesus, revival, and evangelism. He specializes in inner healing ministry,specifically for SRA survivors, deliverance, and worship.

Johnny resides in the Central Coast area of California.