About Us

​​Scott "Johnny" Jackson is a Revivalist, Chaplain, and Minister. He has a special passion for deliverance ministry - Jesus has used him mightily to bring deliverance to thousands of SRA survivors and luciferians.

He was kidnapped when he was only a few days old and was raised by a witch his entire childhood. She ritualistically abused him from the time he was three years old.
He grew up having a deep relationship with Jesus, despite his abuse.

Due to his abuse, Johnny began struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction from a very young age. He also struggled with suicidal feelings.

It wasn't until the 1990s that Jesus came and baptized him in Holy Spirit during the Toronto Blessing that he began to develop prophetic worship and dance gifts, which ushered in God's Presence.

 When Hepzibah and Scott met in 2009, they developed a friendship based on their mutual love for Jesus. Together, they shared a passion for greater intimacy with Jesus, revival, and soul-winning. Shortly after they became friends, they entered full-time ministry together. 

 Because of their passion for Jesus, their similar backgrounds, and a passion for the lost, they've been instrumental in leading countless souls to Jesus.
Scott has been used greatly to minister to the most broken of the broken people - specifically those who have Dissociative Identity "Disorder" (they call it D.I.G. - Dissociative Identity Gift - because Jesus gives people the ability to dissociate during trauma) from abuse and trauma. He has helped countless alternate personalities get healing and restoration.

His passion is to be a worshiper and intercessor. The Lord has also used Scott to resurrect the dead - he's also been used for numerous healings.

​He is trained a Chaplain and has a passion for all people who are hurting. He resides in the central coast area of California.

 To contact him, you can text him:


Robert Rothschild has been following Jesus since he was a little boy. Having been born into the Rothschild family, Robert suffered greatly yet never denounced Jesus. 

 His entire life he has been abused and through his abuse, the Lord has given him a heart to help those all others push aside. He has a special passion for the LGBT+ community and those who have D.I.D./M.P.D. from severe trauma.

 He has just recently started in ministry and has a passion to intercede and pray for the sick and counsel the brokenhearted

Robert is from the London England area originally. 

​​​​Hepzibah Nanna is a 27 year old Revivalist and Evangelist. She has been in full-time ministry since she was 18 years old and ordained since she was 21.

When she was three years old, she gave her life to Jesus and by four, she was evangelizing in grocery stores and restaurants. It was then that she received her calling into evangelism. When she was seven, Jesus gave her a vision of standing in front of millions of people preaching the Gospel. It was then that her heart began to ache for revival.

Hepzibah has suffered greatly for following Jesus - she is a survivor of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) from her biological bloodline (she was adopted by two Spirit-filled parents but her biological "parents" were very evil), which was involved in luciferianism and black magick. 
The occult did not give up on trying to get her to follow satan, they sent pastors, principals, and teachers to ritualistically, sexually, emotionally, and physically abuse her. All the while, they told her that if she denied Jesus as her Savior, they would stop abusing her. She refused to deny Jesus and the abuse continued - she even had hundreds of death threats and attempts on her life for following Him.

Due to the years of abuse, Hepzibah developed an eating disorder, struggled with self-harm, and attempted suicide. She also deals with Complex P.T.S.D. (C-PTSD). But Jesus always used everything the enemy meant for evil for His Glory - He used her abuse to bring many people in the occult to Him.
Hepzibah has been healed several times from cancer and was resurrected from the dead twice. She is currently fighting bone cancer but believing Jesus for His Healing Touch again.

Hepzibah is a spiritual adviser to several celebrities and politicians, most notably, Barack Obama (44th President of the United States of America) and his family, as well as, Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Hepzibah is also extremely involved in social justice  - serving on several boards about injustice: her focus is on gun-control, stopping Rape Culture, and severe bullying, as well as, a prominent member and activist for #theResistance and #BlackLivesMatter.

​She is trained in Pastoral Counseling and has a 24/7 prayer line. She lives in the Atlanta area with her parents and her loving dog, Pequeno.