Hepzibah Nanna

Pastor. Revivalist. Evangelist. Activist. 


In March 2009, Hepzibah began the Lion Triumphs Ministries (known then as Floodgate Revival Ministries). We can't believe it's been almost ten years since the ministry began. Jesus has done incredible things over the past ten years, including using us to lead over two million people to Jesus. We ask the Lord to give us millions more even within this next year. Join us in asking for a huge soul harvest to come in. Join us in asking Him to make us carriers of His Fire more than ever before so millions more come to Him. That's the cry and passion of our hearts.


And He is our focus. Everything that the Lion Triumphs Ministries is about is seeking Jesus and leading others into a radical, hold-nothing-back relationship with Him. Everything we do is to show His Love so that the whole world may know how passionately in love He is with them.

​​​​​our events

  • River of Fire Fellowship: Saturdays at 5 PM EST, 4 PM CDT. Tune in here to watch church (please note: service times and days are subject to change, so please subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date with service times)
  • Burn Service: On the first and third Wednesdays of each month, we will be hosting our burn services at  9 PM EST, 8 PM CDT. These services are personal ministry time for whomever needs prayer. Tune in here to watch (please note: service times and days are subject to change, so please subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up-to-date with service times)


  • The Lion Triumphs Revival Tour 2019: Since 2016, the Lion Triumphs team has been going on a worldwide revival "tour."  We went to every state in America between January 2016 and spring 2018. In summer 2017, we began going to every province and territory in Canada and in summer 2018, we began our revival tour throughout Europe. This year, we will be continuing our Canadian and European revival tour.                               
  • Since we began our revival tour in 2016, we have led almost 13,000 people (that we know of) to the Lord in areas we have ministered at. We have also witnessed Jesus perform many miracles, signs, and wonders during our ministry tour, including resurrecting a woman from the dead. If you would like to invite us to minister at your ministry, church, or outreach, please contact us.       
  • Our current financial need for our 2019 revival tour is $4,000.00 USD. All of the love donations we receive are tax-deductible and are used only for ministry trip-related expenses, such as lodging and airplane tickets.               
  • If you feel led to sow into revival and evangelism, you can give through paypal:
  • To find out more about our itinerary for our 2019 revival tour, click here


If you need prayer, you can contact us one of several ways:

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Skype us: RestorationofHopeMin

Text or Whatsapp us: 202-816-8884

Join us live every Saturday at 5 PM EST, 4 PM CDT for our online church River of Fire Fellowship. Our passion is to be a safe person for those who need a safe church family to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and develop a deeper walk with Him. We long to see people fall madly in love with Jesus like never before.


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​Johnny Matthes

Counselor. Revivalist. Evangelist. Activist.


River of fire FELLOWSHIP

Join us every first and third Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise stated) at 9 PM EST, 8 PM CST for the Lion Triumphs Burn Services. These services are times of personal ministry, including prayer and prophetic words, for anybody who needs a fresh encounter with Jesus or needs to hear from Him.

Meet Our Team

We want to know Jesus so deeply that He alone is seen within us. Only through radical intimacy with Him can the most evil people come into salvation.

We believe intimacy with Him is the number one component to soul-winning and revival.

Our greatest desire is to the win the Lamb the rewards of His suffering.  ​​


We are both survivors of luciferian ritualistic abuse and CIA and governmental experiments/mind control (known as MK Ultra).

Because of our past, we are the foremost ministry - and one of the only organizations - in the world that is equipped to help survivors of ritualistic abuse and trafficking, as well as, former and current members of the occult and NeoNazism. We have led many of the top leaders in the occult to Jesus and we've helped thousands of victims, mostly high profile people (such as celebrities, politicians, and other famous individuals), get free from their handlers and get healing for their abuse.

We serve on a committee for a group which rescues children from trafficking, stops terrorist attacks, and helps cult members get free from the occult. The entire group has either worked for various intelligence agencies (hereafter referred to as I.C.s - intelligent communities), are currently agents/leaders of various I.C.s., are politicians with high-level sec. clear. or are famous for other reasons. We are the only two civilians or non-famous people part of this group but we work closely with the FBI, MI6, and the DoJ as Civilian Consultants (this is the term many I.C.s use for non-I.C. agents who work alongside the I.C.s as either whistle-blowers/informants or those with insider knowledge or information who help I.C.s).

We serve as spiritual advisers to several world leaders and have been able to help many survivors and ex-members in fifteen different governments.


The following are things we have been highly trained in or have personal experience with - we specialize in helping people with these backgrounds/those involved in these movements and also, in helping people overcome these things, whether they were willing part of it or not. If you are a survivor of ritualistic abuse or human trafficking or are a member of the occult/Nazi regime, we can help you. We do not refuse to help anybody and we're more than willing to talk to everybody - even current members.

  • The Illuminati A.K.A. the Collective, NeoNazis, Eastern Stars, Masons, Knight's Templar, luciferians, druids, high priests/priestesses
  • Survivors of human trafficking
  • Ritualistic abuse victims of ANY form of ritualistic abuse
  • Deprogramming for survivors of MK Ultra/Monarch/Russian Doll Programming
  • Deprogramming for those whom have Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Gamma Twin, Silence is Golden, Peter Pan, kitten and puppy programs, and Zero Dark programs
  • Ministering and helping people who have D.I.D.; we offer ministry to alters, subsystems, helpers, protectors, heavenly creations, littles, etc. We believe D.I.D. is a gift from the Lord for survivors of abuse and trauma and unless the individual and/or their individual alters want integration, we do NOT recommend integration. The Lord gives survivors of abuse and trauma the gift of being able to split to help survivors survive what they've been through and we've seen nothing but amazing results in the lives of the fragmented or poly-fragmented who do NOT seek integration, but rather, communication within the system. 
  • Decoding CIA trip codes and releasing reverse trip codes/deprogramming codes to those whom are being used by the bad I.C.s. to harm people
  • Deliverance from unification (whether forced or willing) ceremonies with lucifer/false gods
  • Deliverance and inner healing from any and all wedding rituals or ceremonies between the survivor or any member of their system with any and all handler/s, abuser/s, false gods, and lucifer himself
  • Deliverance and inner healing from all ungodly soul ties with your handler/s or abuser/s
  • Deliverance from demonic possession and/or oppression in the core or within any and all of their alters
  • Helping those who have been astrally attacked and helping those either being astraled (willingly or unwillingly).  We have led many members of the cult to Jesus when they have astral projected through other people. Most astral projection occurs when a person temporarily takes over another person/s body (most people think A.P. is limited to people astraling somewhere not in a body, but it's the exact opposite, actually) and attacks them, speaks through them, makes them do things they don't want to do (i.e., terrorist attacks/false flags have occurred because of this several times),or in cases of people God brings such as, a person/s who are astraling can actually help a person or comfort them.We can help in all these situations - good and bad.
  • We can help people work through their flashbacks, triggers, astral attacks, and body memories
  • Extensive ministry, involving deliverance, inner healing, and deprogramming, in every affected area of a survivor or cult member's life
  • Black magick, voodoo, and hoodoo - We are not afraid to encounter black magick,voodoo, or hoodoo. We've dealt with it regularly for years and we're well equipped by Holy Spirit to minister to both survivors of black magick rituals, attacks, or abuse and practicers of black magick. Our greatest passion is seeing those in great darkness come to Jesus
  • The Collins family - Both of us are related to the Collins family and we know all about the curse upon the family. We minister to a lot of Collins family members and are determined to help them break "Saul's" curse over them. Jesus wants to bring the entire Collins family to Him.
  • The Rothschild family - We also deal with a lot of people who are in the Rothschild family. We know all about the evil in this bloodline but we also know Jesus wants to bring the entire Rothschild family to Him.
  • The four occultic bloodlines  - We minister to members of all four bloodlines and are determined to fight for their freedom from lucifer's attacks against them.
  • Ashantis and Changlings - We have ministered at length to thousands of Ashantis and Changlings and have led them to Jesus. We can help those who were forced through the Coming Ritual deal with life as an Ashanti, those who willingly went through it, and also, those born into it. We can also help Changlings deal with their gift and use it for God's glory, instead of what lucifer wants to use it as.
  • Great Danes and KLFs - We have ministered at length to many Great Danes and KLFs. We believe Great Danes can be saved and begin to be used for God's purposes. We also believe that the KLFs have a God-given gift and we want to try to help them see that and use the gift He gave them for His glory, nobody else's.

We have dealt with just about everything there is to deal with in regards to the occult, NeoNazis, luciferians, Masons, Eastern Stars, etc. We are not afraid of encountering anybody - we have dealt with the number one priest in the world, as well as, the man being trained to be the antichrist. Therefore, we do NOT reject anybody who comes to us for help out of fear. We do not fear the cult. We won't relent until every luciferian comes to know Jesus. We are also not weirded out or disturbed by anything we hear so if you're a survivor, an ex-member,or even, somebody sent to harass or threaten us from the cult,know this: you can talk to us. Even those who have been paid and/or willingly smeared us, threatened us, attempted to kill us, etc., have come to Jesus in the midst of their harassment to us so we are not offended by your harassment. 

If you've been affected by the cult,if you're still in it, or an ex-member, you are welcome to contact us. We are here for you and we believe can and WILL heal,deliver, restore, and save you. Nobody, not even the man being trained as the antichrist, is too far gone. Jesus loves everybody and wants to bring them into His Kingdom - and so do we.

So, contact us or, if it's urgent, you can text us: 202-816-8884 for prayer.